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Smart Financial and Business Modeling using Quantrix®

Multidimensional technology. Tailored to your needs. Saves your time.

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  • Why Smart Modeling Solutions?

    Smart Quantrix Models

    Often standard, one-size-fits-all planning tools cannot accomodate our specific business needs or traditional spreadsheets getting too complex and unmanageable with high risk of errors. We need a modeling tool that allows easy and quick creation of multiple scenarios, conducting “what-if” analysis to accomodate uncertainity assosiated with our forecasts. An essential step in business process improvement is the successful implementation of new software. We will be glad to help you in this critical step.

    High-quality training and model-building services in combination with the world's leading business modeling platform - Quantrix is a key for your success. With our proven track records of successful implementations you can be confident that your plans, forecast, budgets, economic evaluations will be created quickly and efficiently.

    Smart Oil and Gas Economics Models

    Another area of our specialization is economic evaluation of oil and gas projects. We build comprehensive financial models including non-standard projects with production sharing agreements, complex acquisition or divestiture terms, gas-to-power option, and specific fiscal terms. We run what-if analysis testing various contractual terms, price scenarios, investment size and schedules, production profiles.

    Whether you acquire or sell assets, our models will help you understand the value of the projects as well as associated risks. We have gained significant experience in evaluating such exploration and production projects in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.

  • Key benefits at a glance

    Truly flexible - applicable to any use case. Our models accommodate complex business structures, various contractual and fiscal terms.
    Powerful data integration - seamless transfer of data between models and external data sources. Cloud integration for sharing and collaboration.
    Much less formulas - separated from data. Intuitive natural language, you can easily audit model, find dependencies.
    Interactive presentation capabilities. You can run sensitivity analysis, create dashboards for analysts and senior management.
    You maintain control and ownership over the model as well as manage who have an access. Scalable - grows with your business.
    Comprehensive training program for beginners and advanced users
    Result-oriented consulting, implementation, yearly support, model revision.
    Excellent business insight for decision makers.

  • Quantrix Training

    Our training course is based on interactive sessions and extensive use of examples. We do exercises on each main concept and adopt learning program to the particular needs of the trainees. At the end of the training you will be able to:

    - Understand the Quantrix Modeling Methodology and differences between spreadsheets and matrices
    - Use a process for planning a Quantrix model
    - Build the structure: identify dimensions, add categories and items
    - Add logic: write formulas
    - Create views, charts, presentations and dashboards
    - Create scenarios and conduct what-if analysis
    - Integrate data using DataNav and DataPush
    - Control a model with User Roles and Permissions
    - Understand Quantrix modeling systems for budgeting and planning

    The following training materials will be provided: Introductory training manual, Training Exercise Instruction Sheets and Exercise Model Files. Upon successful completion the participants will be awarded a Certificate.

  • Quantrix Consulting, Model Building

    To the end of training session, organisation’s actual business information will be used to identify organisation-specific dimensions, a structure of matrices and a modeling system to be employed. So, training and consulting sessions will overlap and trainees will have the opportunity to run models with their own data. We will use the following step-by-step modeling approach:

    1. Create structure. We will define and add dimensions, relations between dimensions. (Not loading data first).
    2. Add logic. We will use sample data. Formulas based on categories or items (not cells).
    3. Test logic and structure.Change to a category will be properly replicated or adjusted throughout the model.(Not like change in row or column should be copied manually in all sheets).
    4. Create Presentations, Charts, Views.
    5. Import Data. Once we are satisfied that everything is working properly, we will bring in the full data set.

    So, together we will arrive to a solution that meets your requirements.

  • Oyak Beton
    The largest concrete producer in Turkey uses our services to implement Quantrix for Budgeting

    OYAK Beton is the major concrete production company in Turkey. With 60 facilities in 6 regions the company realised large infrustructure projects, including bridges, subways, tunnels, roads, airports, etc.

    With our training and consulting services company quickly implemented Quantrix for modeling very large and detailed annual budget, which resulted in significant time saving, elimination of errors and better business insight for management. See the success story presentation of Oyak Beton ⇓

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  • rag
    Project Economics, Portfolio and Business Plan models for petroleum business

    Oil and gas company in Austria, realized that its spreadsheet-based system was no longer adequate and moved to Quantrix not only to perform economic evaluation of projects, but also to generate company’s entire international Exploration and Production Portfolio and Business plan. The system built by Founder of Smart Modeling Solutions - Tahir Tahirov enabled RAG to model unique contractual and fiscal terms, compare and rank projects as well as analyze the value of projects, countries, and regions. The project was presented in the major petroleum conference in USA. See presentation ⇓

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